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The Organ Grinder
Chatsworth House; Derbyshire
One minute short filmed on 16mm.

The film of Patrick, accompanied by his monkey Simon, winding the musical score through the mechanics of the organ, reminds us of film passing through a projector, early cinema and analogue devices.

Organ grinders are romantic, associated with an itinerant lifestyle pointing towards freedom and exoticness; the realities were much different to this. This fond scripting we project onto their image reminds me of our love of analogue technique.

The Organ Grinder from Rose Butler on Vimeo.

Thanks to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, and the Chatsworth House Trust.
Bernard and Jimmy
Saintes Maries de-la-Mer 2010

Bernard and JimmyBernard and Jimmy from Rose Butler on Vimeo.

Bernard and his monkey Jimmy attract passers by who fall in and out of composition. This ongoing chain of group portraits both interrupts and extends the fixed frame of the video image.