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Not Yet There Yet 2006
These landscapes detail 5 public viewpoints from 18 which surround the location of a proposed wind farm site. They were commissioned by an environmental consultancy agency which produces ‘visualisations’ of proposed developments. As part of this a photographer is given a series of points, indicated by grid reference points, where the development may be seen from. At these points five pictures are taken detailing a viewpoint of 180 degrees, the point of view is prescribed through compass bearings and taken from an average persons eye height. These are then digitally stitched into panoramas and draped over grid landscapes so that virtual models, in this case of windfarms, can be placed within them for public display.
Wolds Way North
Beeford 2006
Skipsea Castle
Great Kelk
Gembling 2006
Sometimes the images depict the edge of the road and a large hedge, sometimes you stand on the edge of deserted wastelands or in the centre of a small village. You are taken to obscure places that you would never normally visit or chance upon, and document viewpoints depicting what is not yet there. Lacking the normal compositional structure that supports an image, depicting no particular subject matter and taken from the viewpoint of an unobjective voyeur, the pictures have an eerie, lost or deserted quality.