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July 2007
26-28 JULY 2007

For Turnstile - Single Use, Interval presents a series of 3 single day exhibitions, an innovative format developed around the idea that most people only visit an exhibition once. With the context of 'Single Use', each day sees different artists responding to themes of Successful Failure, Outside of Parallel and Portable Rest.

Successful Failure sees artist Marisa S. Olson's performance of The One That Got Away, the fictional reenactment of an American Idol audition, alongside Katherine Behar's (de)bugging Loop (de)Loop, a performance of the repeated logical errors of computer viruses. These are contrasted by Ruth Pringle's Forever Free, an installation of portable record players playing pre-defined sound loops.

Outside of Parallel presents a series of screen-based work referencing strangeness. Rose Butler's Box utilises prints from a 1920's box camera, creating an animation including all the mis-prints and imperfections. Brass Art present Interpostition, a looped projection in which the shadow forms of the artists inhabit a terminal link at Manchester Airport. Works also include Rebecca Lennon's Looking for Something, Jenna Collins and Jane Brake's Flighty, and a new work by Joe Duffy and Eimer Birkbeck, Coin Operation.

Portable Rest considers how artworks can represent rest, relaxation and passiveness. Neil Grant presents his new work Sitting Here, a changing panorama of ten mancunian scenes taken from the cities public benches. Neil Webb's audio-visual installation Heaven up Here, captures the quiet of the skies above the clouds as a means of delivery from the noise of the earth. Raven present Diorama, a manipulated Möbius loop of footage of a barge journey.

lnterval is an independent artist-led organisation established in 2005, offering collaborative exhibition opportunities to both emergent and established practitioners using technology as a key component of their practice.
Interval is co-directed by Karen Gaskill and Gary Peploe.

For further information contact Karen Gaskill on +44 (0)7980 924422 or email karen@interval.org.uk, or go to www.interval.org.uk for more information and artists details.

Listings Information:
Category: Exhibitions - Contemporary Art, Digital Art
Title: Turnstile - Single Use
Dates: 26 July to 28 July
Venue: The Holden Gallery
Address: Grosvenor Street, Manchester. M15 6BR
Telephone: +44 (0)7980 924422
Email: karen@interval.org.uk
Website: www.interval.org.uk
Opening Times: 26/27 July 5-8pm, 28 July 2-5pm
Admission: Free