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The Bigger Picture & 37Seconds presents:

Through And Far Between: Public Interventions and Spatial Narratives

To celebrate Architecture Week 2006, The Bigger Picture and 37Seconds present Through and Far Between, a programme of contemporary screen based work for Big Screens.

Through and Far Between will examine the relationship between public and private space, with particular emphasis on the themes of relationship, exchange and collaboration, and the sense of distance and dislocation created through the transition between one place and another. The programme features a selection of international, national and regional artists:

Internationally renowned artist Dryden Goodwin will contribute a hauntingly pertinent short film Closer which investigates and subverts the encounters we have with strangers in public places.

Artist collective Tea will present a specially produced video for the Big Screen which takes viewers on a journey through the architecture of Manchester and St Petersburg. The piece will reveal the visual and audio qualities of specific industrial buildings in both cities, focusing the viewers’ attention to the unique structure and inner workings of these old buildings.

CUBE’s Atelier Manchester/Barcelona: Urban Ideals and Deformations is a selection of newly produced moving image and animation works. Each piece is the result of a unique collaborative exchange between Manchester School of Architecture and Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, Barcelona. Issues of regeneration, public intervention and urban ideals are addressed.

Finnish artist in residence at Liverpool’s FACT Centre, Anu Pennanen‘s video piece, Untitled (Helsinki/Paris/London), is a visual exploration of the built environment within the three distinct locations cited in the title.

Virtual Soul Waste by David Mozny, is a music video that, in a short visual narration, takes us through the world of trivial urban environments. Made of digitalised offset prints taken from books on 1970’s socialist architecture and housekeeping, the crumbling colossuses of buildings and empty rooms evoke the intimate atmosphere of cosiness and catastrophe.

Patrik Sedlaczek and Jirí Kotrla’s Instant Access recalls a Lynchian nightmare. After voyeuristically lurking on the grass at the outer walls of an unknown apartment we get closer and closer until we are inside, where a girl strides dreamily, only visible to us from the waist down.

Sheffield-based artist Rose Butler will create a Liverpool exclusive site-specific artwork, to launch Big Screen Liverpool's newly established programme 37Seconds.

Liverpool 16 June – 29 June 2006.

Rose Butler Interactive (Liverpool only) 16 June – 13th July

Manchester & National Big Screens 17 June – 23 June 2006

Curated by Helen Wewiora, Media Curator, Cornerhouse & Rebecca Lennon, Digital Curator, Big Screen Liverpool.

Tea: with thanks also to MMU (Manchester Metropolitan University), UCLAN (University of Central Lancashire),British Council, Komitet, Red Banner Factory, St Petersburg.