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A BROKEN LINK is a survey of contemporary practice in Australian and UK artist film and video. The themes explored include ideas of temporal and geographical displacement, of how digital technologies bring people and ideas together but also reinforce the essence of distance and alienation.


A one night only screening will be presented at Golden Age Cinema, Sydney; Australia, on Sunday 28 May at 5.30pm.

A BROKEN LINK is comprised of two discrete programs based on location in an attempt to explore the similarities and differences of aesthetics and conceptual concerns of artists’ film and video from two different ends of the earth. In presenting works made between 2007 and 2016, A BROKEN LINK surveys emerging digital imaginaries during that period. The project is a meditation on slippage and displacement, exploring how artists reconcile the local and the global within their work and how this is communicated to a diverse audience.

AU: Lauren Brincat, Dominic Byrne, Heath Franco, Caroline Garcia, David Greenhalgh, James Newitt, nova Milne, Baden Pailthorpe, Emily Parsons-Lord, Soda_Jerk.

UK: Rose Butler, Chunky Mark, Tom Dale, Hollington & Kyprianou, Rebecca Moss, Thomson & Craighead, Sarah Sparkes, Richard T Walker

The Australian program has been curated by Samantha Ferris and Claire Taylor. The UK program has been curated by Simon Hollington and Andrew Marsh.