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This work commenced whilst observing the Investigatory Powers Act (aka The Snoopers Charter), pass through Parliament; March - November 2016. It is at developmental stage and consists of large photographic prints, audio samples and films. The work is informed by current research into the ethics of looking and incorporates a study of surveillance methodology, alongside historical novels incorporating accounts of surveillance, oppression and fractured narratives.

The next stage of this project will be carried out at the Stasi Archive, I will be searching for footage from hidden cameras which does not have any subject, where the surveillance has failed. I am interested in the structure surrounding the documentation and the means of production.

Noise 3 from a series of 5: Photographic print.

Whilst observing the passage of the bill I took photographs on a Minox Cold War spy camera, in areas where documentation was not advised, and recorded Audio on a 1960's Dictaphone. This was a way of considering the dynamics of privacy and security whilst this also formed the content of the debate around the bill. More information can be found here.

Noise 2 from a series of 5: Photographic print.

Photography is limited to certain areas in Parliament to protect privacy and copyright laws, but inside the toilets you can photograph freely.